Weekend in LasVegas

EACH SPRING, the tulips blossom, the birds, bees and butterflies soar in the fresh air, and a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love...

HOWEVER, if you graduated from Azusa High School your thoughts turn to tumblin' dice on the craps tables, the loud music of one armed bandits, winning hands of 21, tall drinks in souvenir goblets, all you can eat buffets, And the men become eager to bet a bundle at the tables and take home their willing women dressed to the nines..

We aren't sure if this bizarre form of migration occurs because so many of us live in areas where the WINTERS are harsh and cruel or if it's some weird bonding ritual passed down in our genes from residency in Azusa...

But the Azusa Alumni who have met and bonded on this web site just feel compelled to meet and mingle in Las Vegas in the Spring.

This is an informal adults only event. It has proved to be a blast each year, click the photo albums for photos and stories. (there are many references to previous trips on this page) Never been to one of our Vegas trips? All are welcome.

Las Vegas during our stay

  • Alumni are responsible for arranging their own accommodations
  • 2007 we are staying at the Four Queens

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Define weird
We all have the same common background and some of us even knew each other as kids but driving or flying hundreds of miles to spend a weekend in sin city with people you met on the internet may seem weird to some. But after getting there it has proven to be a blast 2 years in a row and it seems as if we have known each other all of our lives. If you are thinking of joining us next year please do, you will not regret it.
What's with the couch you ask? In 2002 we all meet at the Rio for dinner, watched the Mardi Gras parade (Tim flashed his boobs to one of the guys and got me some beads) played some slots. Then all 8 of us piled in my burb and went to Fremont Street to see the light show and gamble some more. On the way back to the our hotels, we were cruising down the freeway, the SUV in the lane on my left slammed on his breaks, I slowed down then Lynette yelled from the back seat "COUCH!". There was a couch moving across the freeway heading into my lane. I missed it but I'm not sure if the guy next to me did. I said a bad word *blush*, that is just something you don't see every day. ~ Julie